What is a specific source of information that you have found valuable in answering your inquiry question? How has it proved valuable? Explain.

One source of information I have found valuable in answering my inquiry question is the article found via the URL,

A lot of the information I found regarding my topic so far has been mostly general and repetitive, but this source was quite different. Instead of giving me the same five tips as all the other websites I researched, the article gave me practical advice that I could easily incorporate into my horror film. The fact that I can easily incorporate the advice given in the article makes it a great starting point in the creation of my short horror film and allows me to start incorporating concepts as I start thinking about ideas for my film.

Additionally, this article is very valuable since it has multiple links to other articles and videos on the website. If I’m curious about one of the five tips or just want to know more about a certain concept, I can click one of the links found in the article to find even more information. For example, when the article mentioned keeping my short horror film simple, I didn’t fully grasp what the article meant by keeping things simple, so I clicked one of the links found hyperlinked on the article to see a short horror film that used something as simple as a closet door to give the same feeling of dread found in high budget horror films. Not only did this give me great advice, the article also helped me stop overthinking about some of the aspects of the project. Due to my limited equipment and budget, which is basically nonexistent, I have been worrying about how I would make an effective horror film without the same effects of high budget films. With my newfound knowledge from this article, I have been able to stop worrying about my lack of funds. Instead, I can now focus on what I can do with my limited equipment and make the best usage of what I have from there.


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