Social Studies Blog Post #5: Independent Inquiry

Inquiry Question: What impact did the Hudson Bay Company have on the First Nations?

For my independent inquiry, I decided to create a video to demonstrate my learning. Click the link below to access the video.


  4. Crossroads: A Meeting of Nations (2nd Edition)
  5. Empire of the Bay 





3 thoughts on “Social Studies Blog Post #5: Independent Inquiry

  1. This is a really interesting inquiry question and a well-done project! I like the fact that you presented your learning in an interesting and informative video. I also appreciated that you mentioned the significance of the lasting impacts of alcohol and other goods introduced by Europeans on the First Nations peoples. Your project relates directly to my inquiry question, because there are many similarities between the impact on the Wendat Confederacy from extensive contact with the French and the impact on First Nations people from trading with Europeans in the Fur Trade.

  2. * I love how you used a video instead of a simple DOL. It’s very creative!
    * The visuals and knowledge protrayed in your video is very outstanding, and I learned a lot by watching your video.

    – My inquiry questions was ‘What was life like in New France under French rule compared to British rule after the Seven Years War?’. Without the fur trade, however, there would be no New France to compare. The beaver furs and the First Nations helped New France grow. Great job!

  3. star- I really liked the way you used visuals to represent ideas during your video.
    star- I liked how well you explained the different aspects of your question.
    connection- The Hudsons Bay Company interacted with the same first nations groups as the Filles du Roi.

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