In-Depth Blog Post #3: Week 5

It’s been five weeks into In-Depth, and so far, I have learned a lot. Rafael and I have moved on to new C# scripts, and he guided me through the various assets that were already pre-installed in Unity. This was awfully convenient for me, as this meant that I didn’t have to write all the assets from scratch but could simply attach the pre-written assets right to my game objects. I have also finally decided on what type of game I will be focusing on, a first-person maze game. Anyway, here are some questions and answers on my progress so far.

  1. What went particularly well during your mentoring sessions?

One thing that went well during our mentoring session was the amount of progress we made. Like last time, Rafael and I had already planned what I was going to learn during the mentoring session, as we had a phone call a few days before the session to plan what materials each of us should bring and what he was going to mentor me. We got through most of the FPS scripts and we even got to discussing popular games and what components were in them. We also strengthened the fundamentals, as having a good base knowledge was important when I moved on to more complicated scripts and games. Despite the meeting only being our second session, we made a lot of progress.

  1. What relationship challenges did you face?

There weren’t really any relationship challenges that my mentor and I faced. We were communicating with each other very well, Rafael made sure that I was getting the concepts and not just nodding my head, and I made sure to ask plenty of questions and paraphrase what Rafael said in case I missed a point. We were also very open and thorough. We answered each others’ questions with depth; Rafael answered my questions about assets and game objects, explaining that everything in the game was a game object, and I answered my mentor’s questions about the type of game I wanted to create and what I had planned. Additionally, I had plenty of time to ask questions and catch up on the information that was being given, as a lot (capitalized) was being covered!

  1. What learning challenges emerged?

Although the Unity engine has been easy to use, learning the various C# scripts for my game objects has been proving to be quite difficult. Using the engine is easy, as I only need to know which functions do what, and it’s just a lot of just clicking around and experimenting. The scripts, on the other hand, have been really challenging. The difficulty of digesting all the different scripts needed to create just the most rudimentary of games has been challenging, as even with questions and paraphrases, I have difficulty knowing when to use specific codes, such as void, if(), or else().

  1. What three strategies could improve the quality of your mentoring interactions?

First, I can increase the efficiency of the mentoring interaction by having everything we need for the meeting set up beforehand and making the best use of our time. Last time, I wasted a few minutes of precious time due to an unexpected accident, and considering how fast my mentoring is going, a lot could have been covered in those few minutes. Additionally, I can also ask more questions and focus on getting the fundamentals set in stone before moving on to more complicated scripts and games. Finally, I can spend more time outside of my mentoring interactions to study and comprehend the material Rafael is teaching me. My mentor has shown me an awesome Wiki where there is a list of all the different C# scripts and the functions of each one. He has also shown me different tutorials I could work on between our biweekly meetings. Doing a few more hours of studying and learning the material outside of our meetings will make sure I fully understand what my mentor taught me the previous meeting and will allow me to accelerate my learning.

Unfortunately, I was unable to add any pictures of my progress this time, as my laptop was unable to screenshot my progress for some reason, but I will add pictures the next time I post.

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  1. This post captures your progress well. Sounds like you hit the jackpot with your mentor. I look forward to some illustrations in your next post.

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