ZIP! Document of Learning #2

I have been learning many things through ZIP, but perhaps the one that I can constantly improve on and apply in the future is probably-my note taking. While I was researching my topic, I stumbled upon many articles and videos about my topic. To incorporate this new-found information into my project, I whipped out my Word document and took many point-form notes on what I heard. Although writing down many notes is beneficial to my project, I found that I was writing too much. Instead of writing down brief, concise notes about my topic, I was writing sentences about a single fact. An overload of words resulted in my Word Document turning into nothing more than paragraphs with a fancy bullet point at the beginning of each sentence.

To counter this, I read the entire paragraph first before writing down a note. I was writing a lot of notes because I was entering a new bullet after every sentence, which resulted in a plethora of unnecessary notes. I also tried to make the notes as simple as possible by writing phrases and words instead of entire sentences. The result paid off and one thousand five hundred fifty-two words were condensed to five hundred forty-five words. Not only were the notes now aesthetically pleasing, they were also easier to read and integrate into my presentation. Before, I was literally rewriting paragraphs back into my Word document, but by using my new tactic, I was taking actual notes for the first time. My research probably would have taken much more time if I had not noticed the excessive word count in my notes, and I probably wouldn’t have finished my research by today, putting me behind in my schedule. This skill will definitely reappear in the future, as when I conduct projects in the imminent future, I will need to take notes while I research my topics. Being able to save valuable time and put more work into my presentation is invaluable, and therefore I believe that this skill that I learned through ZIP can constantly be applied in the future.

9 thoughts on “ZIP! Document of Learning #2

  1. Jerome,

    It is wonderful to see that you are devising strategies to make your research more effective and less time-consuming. I had a similar experience when I was in university with note-taking. Often, just rewriting what is given to us doesn’t aid in helping us retain the information we are trying to learn. The action of condensing the information we are given is an important step in synthesizing our learning, and being smart about what information is relevant for our needs.

    Well done!

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