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On Friday, my last in-class focus block, I spent my block researching. First, I wrote down notes in my own words from a rhetoric handout crafted by Mr. Morris himself. Since logos, pathos, and ethos form the basis the persuasion, I figured that having a good understanding of these would aid me in my research for finding what made a persuasive advertisement. I did not spend most of my block on this, however, as I figured that if I focused entirely on rhetoric, I would stray away from my main idea.

Then, I searched up the best-selling ads of all time on the web to get a good idea of what a persuasive and effective advertisement was. Soon, I found myself with a website about Proactiv, one of the most popular skin care products of all time. I initially pressed the play button just to get an idea of what the ad was like, but thirty seconds into the ad, I found myself noticing the various examples of logos, pathos, and ethos! I took out my Word document, and immediately began applying the three modes of rhetoric onto the ad. After thirty minutes of careful analysis on the minute-long ad, I found all three modes of rhetoric and basically everything that was on the rhetoric handout I was given. From this, I formulated a hypothesis, that for an ad to be effective and persuasive, it needed to have most or all of the three modes of rhetoric. Only time will tell whether my hypothesis is true or not.

I struggled with getting started. I found that not having a plan set for a work block was a foolish choice, as I ended up wasting ten minutes of my precious time trying to find out what to do! Next time, I will continue to dive into my research and analyze the data that I gained from watching various advertisements and applying the logos, ethos, pathos theory on them. My goal for the next block is to make sure I have all my materials with me and have a plan set for that work block.

Here is a screenshot of my notes:


One thought on “ZIP! Document of Learning #1

  1. Liking the structure and how you’re thinking ahead of your research, learning about the “modes of persuasion.”
    So TELL me JEROME, is there anything in specifics you need to 100% remember in your advertisement? :thinking:

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