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Basically everything about Norman Borlaug. Great, accurate facts about his life, achievements, eminence, and his struggles. Learned about Dr. Borlaug’s struggles with importing seeds from Mexico to India, which was a major component of my speech.

Nobel Prize

A lot of evidence on why Dr. Borlaug was eminent and his life. There were also a lot of helpful links and books at the bottom of the page, some of which contributed to my research.


Hmmm, I think this website tells me about his achievements. A great source of information and absolutely fantastic for finding more about Dr. Borlaug’s personal life and his steps to achieving eminence. Achievement helped me with my eminent project, especially with creating my learning center.

The Guardian

An excellent article about the controversy of Norman Borlaug’s work with GMO wheat. The article covered a lot of depth about Norman Borlaug’s work, something that was quite hard to find on the web. I was able to take a stand because of this and make a clear point in my speech.


Carter Center

A long speech from Jimmy Carter himself, who describes the personality about Dr. Borlaug. As someone who worked beside Borlaug, president Carter knew a lot about Dr. Borlaug’s dream and what he liked best. I was able to create the rustic atmosphere at my learning center because of this article, as it was the place Borlaug loved best.


Davis, Adam Hart, editor. History: From the Dawn of Civilization to the Present Day. Third ed., DK, 2007.

The book that made me choose Norman Borlaug as my eminent. Good info on the Green revolution, but quite lacking facts about Norman Borlaug. Accurate facts which helped me create my learning center.

Wallace, Mike. The Way We will be 50 Years From Today. Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2008.

There was a pretty good section written by Borlaug himself. The level of insight he had was absolutely shocking; he had already planned so much for the world 50 years from then. It was invaluable as it was one of the few sources, which talked from a first-person perspective.

Haldore, Hanson. Wheat in the Third World. Boulder Colo.: Westview Press, 1982.

Another novel with the original thoughts of Dr. Borlaug. It thoroughly recounts what happened during the Green Revolution, and the significance of wheat in the diet of the majority of the world. It really makes you think about how often we take food for granted when half the world is starving.


World Food Prize Interview

My interview with the World Food Prize Foundation was a great source of information. I learned a lot about Dr. Borlaug’s dream of feeding the world, and the truly notable things he did, such as selling his seeds directly to the farmers rather than selling them to expensive corporations.

Videos/ Documentaries:

Norman Borlaug & The Green Revolution

An excellent video about Dr. Borlaug, which portrayed a lot of the emotions Dr. Borlaug felt during various parts of his life. This video gave me the idea of building a plow for my learning center.


Norman Borlaug Rap

The rap was amazing and helped me memorize a lot of information. With a catchy tune, a hip hop beat, and some decent vocals, the Norman Borlaug rap really helped me digest a lot of information in a fun way.

I used other sources, but these are the ones that helped the most.


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