Night of The Notables Assessment

It has been over a week since Night of the Notables, and I have to say that Eminent has been one of the largest and most significant projects in my short life so far. Since it was so significant, I believe that it is only right for me to reflect on what I did.

Like the other twenty-seven people in my class, I created goals for the Eminent project. One of them was to improve my public speaking skills, which was also one of IEP goals. For the first time in my short life, I managed to speak in front of an audience without any cue cards, maintain awkward eye contact, and use gesticulations for the first time in my speech. I admit that the gesticulations weren’t perfect. I imagine I looked like a baby duck learning to flap it’s wings, but I am proud that I took the initiative to try something new for the first time! I believe I accomplished my goal. Another goal I had was to improve my persuasive speaking. By trying to convince others that Norman Borlaug was eminent through my learning center, I believe I managed to improve this significantly. Borlaug’s work was of great controversy, due to his work with GMO crops. There were a lot of questions posed by my visitors, which regarded this topic. By providing valid points backed up by evidence from my research, I was able to confidently tell them all about his eminence. My goals for next year are to improve my usage of gesticulations, so that they fit the context of my speech by imitating proper gesticulation from online media, such as TED.

There are definitely some highlights from this year’s eminent that I will probably remember for at least a couple months. I definitely won’t forget the atmosphere in the multipurpose room when the grade tens gave their speeches. The mood was absolutely amazing. The audience was there to support the speakers, and therefore, there was a supporting vibe in the air. The speeches were remarkable. Although the genres of the speeches ranged from humorous to serious, dark ones with a deep underlying message, the speeches harmonized together. The transitions were excellent, and the tens were certainly innovative in making sure that the speeches flowed naturally. Their speeches made me both nervous and excited for my speech next year!

There are a plethora of people I want to thank for making Night of the Notables possible. First, I would like to thank all the TALONS teachers for guiding us through eminent, and helping us organize the event. The committees also deserve to be thanked. Everything from the location of our learning centers to the food we ate was only possible because of them. I would also like to thank my parents for driving me around for learning center materials, and I have to thank the World Food Prize Foundation, my interviewee. They were very insightful about Dr. Borlaug’s work, and gave me a good idea of Dr. Borlaug from the perspective of an agronomist. Finally, I would like to thank Yoonha for agreeing to trade learning center locations. Electricity was basically a need for my learning center, and it meant a lot to me for someone to willingly give up their spot to make my life easier. Thank you.

To sum it all up, I have to say that Night of the Notables was a success, but there’s still a lot I will have to learn before my next Night of the Notables. Until three hundred fifty-four days, fifty-two minutes, and eight seconds, Night of the Notables!



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